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  Last updated: 2nd April 2005





Recent Updates:

21/03/2005 - We've been having some technical hitches. Moved some stuff around, and cleared this blog to try to cut down on webspace so that some updating can be done. Some of the On Camp With Kelly stuff has moved, as you will see. Therefore, if you do spot any broken hyperlinks, please e-mail me to report them. Votes also aren't working, and I don't quite know why that is, but I'm hoping they'll start working again soon! Backgrounds have just mysteriously disappeared again (grrr, I'm fed up with this!).

18/03/2005 - New format up on biographies. Do you like it? I thought it would make it easier to navigate the site!

Do you like our new look? I'm interested to here your ideas for improvements and general opinions on the website - what's your favorite page? Please e-mail me here

13/03/2005 - Clement breaks Michael Johnson's 400m indoor record. More soon, but I thought I should post it asap! One to watch for sure! But he should stuff the hurdles and go for it on the flat - at 19, simply astounding!

13/03/2005 - Congrats to everyone who ran at English Schools yesterday. Also, congratulations to Sian Edwards, Emily Pidgeon & Stephanie Twell, the first trio of 15 year olds to make the World Cross Country team - nice one girls! Inter-counties ESAA results will be up... when I have time. Probably next weekend, I'll make no promises before that.  

06/03/2005 - Congrats to everyone who ran at the Reebok Inter-counties yesterday (especially under13 girls onwards, who had to compete with the snow blizzard!). Results will be up soon! I haven't seen the video yet, and I can't wait to watch it (I don't have sky, but I have some nice friends!). 

05/03/2005 - Good luck to anyone running the Reebok Inter-counties today. For those that aren't, coverage is 1.30-5.00pm on Sky Sports 2.

26/02/2005 - Updates: Ashleigh-Gayle Murray, Siobhan Coleman

25/02/2005 - Whose profile would you like to see next? Who would you like me to update first? Vote here now! I wouldn't count on too many updates in the next couple of weeks, but I will do what I can. I want to get up to date before the track season starts, but obviously that may not be possible, as I have some catching up to do! Please be patient with me, and I'll get there eventually!!

21/02/2005 - Coming soon: Results National XC, feature on Birmingham Indoors, Reebok Challenge results, updates to Siobhan Coleman, Ashleigh Murray, Emily Pidgeon, Non Stanford, Sarah Hopkinson, Ben Coldray, Louise Webb & all who competed in Reeboks, territorial and National XCs. Also, updates to events pages.

18/02/2005 - Indoor Grand Prix from Birmingham is this evening, don't forget to tune it: BBC2 from 6.25pm! The Under 17/u20 races are over the weekend, but aren't televised. good luck to anyone competing, and have a great time if you're going up to watch tonight! >:0P. 

They'll be some updates from the Indoor season over the weekend if I get a chance. I'll also try and get the Reebok Challenge stuff up-to-date, because with the Inter-counties just 15 days away It's getting quite urgent! Also, SW schools xc results will go up asap.

13/02/2005 - European Indoor trials from Sheffield are on BBC 2 NOW

13/02/2005 - Updated with Headlines: "Freeman considers return to track", "Holmes facing fine over trials", "Isinbayeva smashes record again"

I've moved some of the profiles onto Athletics2005 to make more room for updating on this site. Therefore, if you do spot any broken hyperlinks, please e-mail me to report them.

07/02/2005 - Results from Southern Cross-country at Parliament Hills, London and Northern Cross-country Championships are up. These are not yet added to the athlete's profiles. 

22/01/2005 - 11/02/2005 - 

Updated:  Adam Hickey, Alex Derricott, Ashleigh-Gayle Murray, Ben Coldray, Chris Lambert, Conor McNultyDanielle Walker (RSCA), Eilish McColgan, Emily Pidgeon, Emma Pallant, Hayley Pointer, Joanne Harvey, Kathy Butler, Kelly Sotherton, Laura BrentonLouise Webb, Lisa Dobriskey, Matthew Withey, Miles HollinsheadNon Stanford,  Paula RadcliffeRebecca Gough, Sarah Hopkinson, Siobhan Coleman, Stacey Preston, Stephanie Twell, Steve Backley.

Added: The Tag board is backChris Lambert, Jamie Baulch, Sarah Claxton and Adam Hickey's pages.  

Coming Soon: Reebok Challenge updates. Updates to almost all Junior athletes. Jo Pavey, Hestrie Cloete, Abi Oyepitan, Anthony Whiteman, Lucy Sargent & Hayley Yelling's pages. 

Any other pages you want to fast-track?  E-mail me here to suggest your first choice for my next profile! I'm interested to here your ideas for improvements and general opinions on the website - what's your favorite page? Please e-mail me here. Please vote for us on our TopSites lists. 

13/01/2005 - News: Kenenisa Bekele's fiancee Alem Tachale, who was due to marry Bekele in May, collapsed while on a training run with him on the outskirts of Addis Ababa.

12/12/2004 - Today Athletics Grandstand is showing the Great Ethiopia Run and the European Cross Country Championships in Germany. 

7/12/2004 - Non Stanford has been named OCS Young Sportsperson of the Year 2004. Congratulations Non!

Quote of the day. On Peter Radcliffe's positions as Chair of England Athletics:

Jack Bucknor: "Having somebody who is a club chair and who is a former HR director is critical," he said.

"There is a third element which, to me, is the least important - the fact that his daughter runs a bit." 

5/12/2004 - Paula Radcliffe's official website is now online.

4/12/2004 - Danielle Christmas has won Gold in the 800m at the Youth Commonwealth games. Joey Duck took bronze in the 200m.

30/11/2004 - Peter Radcliffe, father of Marathon World Record holder Paula Radcliffe, has been appointed Chair of the interim body that will become England Athletics. Read Story here.

7/11/2004 - Congratulations to Paula Radcliffe, who won the New York marathon in an exciting sprint finish to hold off Susan Chepkemei. Read and post your comments on Paula's race here, or on our tag board.

28/10/2004 - I've added a lot to  Bryony & Kathryn Frost's pages. I have to put this quote in here too, because I think it's great: 

But being a twin can be painful, too. “I was in a department store once and I thought I saw Bryony walking towards me,” Kathryn Frost recalled. “And I walked head first into a floor-to-ceiling mirror.”

I've also added a lovely article to Charlotte Dale's page. I watched a video of her winning the Reebok Inter-counties & World Junior Trials in 2002, and she looked amazing, a complete run-away victory. Emily Pidgeon's (age 12 -aww) made me laugh too - watching the interviews with hindsight, and seeing how true their predictions were back then. I've added a few little bits to Emily's page as well.



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