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26 August - Navigation system is now finished, although the links within the text of the profiles will still be broken.

Updates: Harry Aikines-Aryeetey, Charlotte Browning, Dani Christmas, Siobhan Coleman, Joey Duck, Sian Edwards, Jessica Ennis, Lizzie Hall, Emily Pidgeon, Nicola Sykes, Hayley Tullett, Stephanie Twell & Gemma Weetman.

Updates to offline profiles: Jade Johnson, Christian Malcolm, Danielle Sale, Lucy Sargent, Jessica Sparke

CREATE A PROFILE: Your favourite athlete missing? Create a profile in as close a format as you can to ours, and we'll put them online asap!

20th August - Sorry to the disruption to the site over the last few weeks. There has been some sort of server error which has prevented us from updating.

18th August 2006 - Keep up with World Juniors news here.

WARNING - if you are using the site over the next couple of days, do not expect links to take you where you want to go!

29th July 2006 - Justin Gatlin has tested positive for testosterone. As his second positive test, the World and Olympic Champion will face a lifetime ban unless he can prove his innocence.

The navigation is a bit of a mess at the moment, but I'm afraid it'll stay that way for a fortnight while I'm on holiday. This is partly because of some sort of server problem, which means that some of the pages aren't updating properly. I'll sort it out when I get back!

If you have problems with the navigation, go to the template or the athlete table.

17 July 2006 - Gradually starting to re-make site. It will look the same to you in most places, but it'll be much easier from my end. It may also break any direct links you have.

WARNING - if you are using the site over the next couple of days, do not expect links to take you where you want to go!

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July 2006 - Congratulations to Paula Radcliffe and Gary Lough, who announced on Tuesday that their first child is due on January 6th.

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I am now on holiday (yay), so I will be working on the site. Be patient - there are a lot of updates, some half-built profiles to sort-out, and also some that have been requested which need to be built. you are still welcome to request profiles, and I will get there asap! If anyone has the free time to give me a hand, please email me here.

I'm also going to sort-out some of the linking problems with the site - there are a lot of dodgy hyperlinks around, or so I have been told. DOING THIS MAY BREAK YOUR DIRECT LINKS! Sorry about this, but there isn't a lot I can do about it!

30/06/2006 - The Men were third in the European Cup, while the women were relegated for the second time in 3 years.

21/06/2006 - Winchester & District AC are trying to raise funds to get an eight-lane athletics track in Winchester. The campaign is being pushed heavily by marathon international, WADAC's Michaela McCallum. The club are hosting Corporate relays in the evening of 12th July. If you can get a team of 4 runners, and get down there for a Wednesday evening then it is raising money for a great cause that will benefit all clubs in the South, and, with easy transport links to London, could potentially become an important 2012 training venue.

14/06/ 2006 - Cleared out this blog - only news remains. Changed homepage design - do you like it?

13/06/2006 - CALLING ALL ATHLETES! Love your sport? What to encourage others to get invovled. Well, as part of the Ask Cookie get Fit 2006 Campaign you can, and it's very simple. All we'd like you to do is write a report about your sport here, so that people interested in athletics can read it and realise what a great sport it is! Post your report on the messageboards, or email it to

12/06/2006 - Coming soon - UPDATES - whaaay! I'll make an effort to shift some stuff over the next couple of weeks, but the more help any of you can give me, the better! If you want a profile updated, shove it all, as it should be written, in a word document and email it to me - This will save me SO much time you would not beleive! Thank you!

I am in the processes of creating a database of races from this year. It's going to take ages, but hopefully it'll allow you to run searches and the like. That's the idea anyway. It'll start based on races involving athletes we feature, but should spread out a bit I hope. It won't be an instant thing, but it could be exciting!

There may also be some changes to the look of the site - nothing major, don't worry.... just making life a bit more interesting.

Good luck to anyone running the Southerns at Crystal Palace (or, I assume, the Northern Championships) this weekend!

April 2006 - 

London Mini-marathon Winners List (please add):

15-17 Women (County):  1. Stephanie Twell (Hampshire), 2. Non Stanford (Wales), 3. Danielle Sale (Essex)

13-14 Women (County): 1. Charlotte Purdue (Hampshire)

Junior women's world cross-country team; Sian Edwards, Stephanie Twell, Non Stanford, Danielle Sale, Jessica Sparke and Joanne Harvey. Danielle and Jessica's pages are still under construction.

Paula Radcliffe is out of the London Marathon. Her page has been updated, and is currently undergoing reformatting to make it more user-friendly. 2002 is already formatted - tell us what you think.

Coming soon:

Updates & photos from National Cross-countries, Inter-counties, English Schools, British Colleges and Commonwealth Games.


November 2005 - March 2006 -  

Polls are active again.

Updates: Updates to and

September - October 2005 - Join our forums.

Many athletes profiles started but not online yet. Welsh Commonwealth Games Team added.

16/10/1005 - Sorry for the lack of updates. Look out for Helsinki updates!

August 2005

New: Track Coach - Want some training, racing or diet advice? Click here to find out more.

20/08/2005 - I've been away on training camps and disastrous foreign holidays (yes, we missed our flight home), and no, they don't watch a lot of athletics in Turkey - we missed almost the entire world championships with the exception of what we could pick up in seedy bars! But, we're home now, and ready to start updating again (hooray!). 

30/07/2005 - I'm back from my training camp, so I've been catching up on the news from the Euro U20s and Helsinki selection. I hope to update as much as I can over the next couple of days, but I'm going away again next week for a fortnight, so most of it will have to wait until after I get back (which will practically be Helsinki... notice a pattern - lol!). 

23/07/2005 - Crystal Palace: Yelena Isinbayeva has finally broken the 5 metre barrier, Tim Benjamin has gone sub-45seconds for 400m, Veronia Campbell's unbroken 200m streak, lasting form March 2000, has been broken and Craig Mottram. had de-ja-vou in the men's 5000m.  

July 2005

Updates: Results for Reebok Cross Challenge Falkirk 2004-2005 season are up. 

07/07/2005 - Click here for the London 2012 official site

June 2005

20/06/2005 - British women are going back up, but men are down with a performance which was, at times, unbearable to even watch. Our performances of the weekend: Liz Fairs with a surprise 400mH win, Mo Farah with a well-executed second in the men's 3000m and Jemma Simpson's storming 800ms! 

Results and biography updates will be up soon! Prepare for major updates later this week all over the weblink, starting with the stuff I need to catch up on from over the winter (I know, shameful!). Also, be aware that they'll probably have to be some profile-shuffling to let this happen, so you may find a few re-direct pages where there were biographies!

17/06/2005 - Don't forget to watch the European cup this weekend on the BBC. Kelly Holmes has unfortunately dropped out with a re-occurring achilles injury, but nevertheless there's still a strong women's team hoping to gain promotion on their first attempt, with Paula Radcliffe doubling up in the 3,000m and 5,000m. 

Asafa Powell has also broken the 100m world record! It now stands at 9.77secs, although he claims he can run faster

Emily Pidgeon has decimated the age group British 3000m steeplechase records for 16, 17 and 18 year olds, smashing 27 seconds off the previous time, held by IOW's Kathryn Frost, finishing in 10:16.07.

Athletics Calendar has been updated with all ESAA events and others. good luck to anyone racing in Regional English Schools T&F events this weekend - I hope you all get your qualifying times!


If you want to add to this, please e-mail me here. As I have said, please be patient. The more info you give me, the quicker I can get profiles up!!!

30/05/2005 - 


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22/04/2005 - Kelly Sotherton has broken the UK indoor 100m hurdles record, formerly held by Sally Gunnell!

21/04/2005 - Congratulations to Paula Radcliffe, who won Sunday's London Marathon in a new women's only record. Also, congratulations to Non Stanford and Adam Hickey who won the Mini-marathons. Write-ups for all of these will follow when I get a chance!

03/04/2005 - Well done to everyone who ran at the National Road Relays this weekend. Results will be up... erm... well, maybe!

18/03/2005 - New format up on biographies. Do you like it? I thought it would make it easier to navigate the site! Do you like our new look? I'm interested to here your ideas for improvements and general opinions on the website - what's your favorite page? Please e-mail me here

13/03/2005 - Clement breaks Michael Johnson's 400m indoor record. More soon, but I thought I should post it asap! One to watch for sure! But he should stuff the hurdles and go for it on the flat - at 19, simply astounding!

13/03/2005 - Congrats to everyone who ran at English Schools yesterday. Also, congratulations to Sian Edwards, Emily Pidgeon & Stephanie Twell, the first trio of 15 year olds to make the World Cross Country team - nice one girls! Inter-counties ESAA results will be up... when I have time. Probably next weekend, I'll make no promises before that.  

Feb 2005 

News: "Freeman considers return to track", "Holmes facing fine over trials", "Isinbayeva smashes record again"

Results: Southern Cross-country, Northern Cross-country Championships

13/01/2005 - News: Kenenisa Bekele's fiancee Alem Tachale, who was due to marry Bekele in May, collapsed while on a training run with him on the outskirts of Addis Ababa.