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There is now a navigation bar like this:

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across the top of every page. Click on the letter of the surname of the athlete whose profile you want to view. It will take you to the title athlete for that letter, and other athletes with surnames beginning with the same letter are displayed in the sidebar. Alternatively, you can click on "Athlete list" and get a full list of all the profiled athletes.

We are also piloting a new "Update the Profile" feature. If you have any information to add, click the link in the sidebar, and it will take you to the thread in our forums for that athlete, where you can type in additional information. We are currently piloting this with five athletes, but looking to extend it to all profiles.

BROKEN HYPERLINKS: Athlete Profiles have been moved into another folder and, in some cases, to another website. As a result of this there are a lot of broken hyperlinks floating around. Give me some time to sort these, but if they are not rectified by September then please notify me by email.